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Allied Construction Products, LLC is a leader in innovative construction product technology. Allied designs, manufactures and distributes these innovative specialty products primarily
for the construction and mining industries and for other industries/applications where its products are readily adaptable.

Through more than 200 U. S., Canadian and other international Distributors, Allied offers
a complete line of excavator, loader/backhoe, skid-steer and mini-excavator mounted attachments, stationary breaking and material handling and a complete line of underground piercing tools.

Allied believes that success can best be achieved by being the industry leader in providing customers with products of unsurpassed quality coupled with the highest level of service
and support.

Allied’s quality and service leadership will be measured by the productivity and dependability of its products and the innovative, problem-solving capabilities and responsiveness of its employees and Distributors.



1942 Grip-Lug®
In 1942 H. S. Meshorer, founder of Amalgamated Steel in Cleveland, Ohio introduced an innovative technique to rebuild worn crawler tracks. Grip-Lug —a rolled steel bar—was welded to worn grousers which extended the life of the track. Re-grousing not only helped conserve steel, but the process also eliminated the need to replace track shoes.

From the Grip-Lug product Amalgamated Steel, which is now known as Allied Construction Products, LLC, grew from a small steel business into a leading manufacturer of attachments and other safety-enhancing, labor-saving equipment.

From that day forward, Allied always looked to have a “first” in the construction market.

1961 Roto-Cut®
Allied developed the Roto-Cut in 1961, a high-speed rotary asphalt cutter, to give the edge for removing asphalt surfacing, trenching and patching jobs, edging, scoring and forming operations, utility line construction and other asphalt maintenance jobs.

1964 Tren-Shore®
In 1964, Allied introduced Tren-Shore, an aluminum shoring system resembling a ladder. It’s used to hydraulically stabilize a trench.

1965 Ho-Pac®
In 1965, Allied developed and introduced the Ho-Pac, the first successful backhoe-mounted vibratory compactor/driver.

1966 Ho-Ram
In 1966, the first commercially successful air hammer— the Ho-Ram —was introduced.

1968 Hy-Ram®
In 1968 Allied combined two good things — Hydraulics and impact technology — and introduced the first successful backhoe-mounted hydraulic impact hammer — the Hy-Ram — to the U.S. market.

1971 Pedestal Breaker System™
In 1971 the Allied Pedestal Breaker Systems include the positioning boom, hydraulic hammer, electric power unit and operator’s control valve console was introduced.

1971 Hole-Hog®
Always innovative and aggressive, Allied began marketing their Hole-Hog, an underground piercing tool, in the U.S. in 1971. Pneumatically-operated, the Hole-Hog piercing tool travels underneath roads, walkways, lawns and driveways allowing them to remain undisturbed during utility or drainage pipe installation. Again, it was a first for the construction industry.

Allied has continued through the years to offer products by changing with the markets and meeting demands by supplying innovative and improved products.

1972 Auto-Bore ®
1973 Rapid-Ram rotary breaker®
1988 Pedestal Breaker System™ Transfer Booms
1994 Contractor’s Mechanical Grapple
1997 Red-Hog Express Hole-Hog® piercing tools
1997 CaSHEAR™ mobile shears
1999 AS Series STREET HAMMER hydraulic breakers
2000 AR Series™ hydraulic breakers
2001 NT Series Ho-Pac® vibratory compactor/driver
2002 Variable Mounting System™
2002 AutoLube 3 lubrication system
2004 Rammer® hydraulic breakers
2006 New Generation HH Series Hole-Hog® piercing tools
2006 Hammerhead II™ concrete slab buster
2007 Skid-Pac™ compactor

Allied will continue to develop new products to satisfy the needs of heavy construction, mining, quarrying and industrial machinery and tools markets.
Allied will always be looking
for the “first”.