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Rental customers with clogged sewers or drains demand “The Toughest Tools Down The Line”! General Pipe Cleaners is a leading manufacturer of high quality drain cleaning machinery since 1930.

In survey after survey, rental customers have consistently rated General Pipe Cleaners their most preferred brand by a wide margin. Durability and dependability, combined with ease-of-use are the key to many happy return rental customers.

Packed with safety features, General’s rugged, reliable cable machines have a solid reputation for reliability. Their equipment features Flexicore® cable — the industry standard for dependability, quality and toughness.

The Jet Set™ – General’s line of gas- and electric-powered water jets – adds new weapons to the Rental Stores’ arsenal in the fight against grease, sand, and ice.

And the General versatile, easy-to-use Gen-Eye™ video inspection system eliminates guess work when inspecting sewer and drain lines, ducts, and other concealed conduits. Armed with a digital locator and built-in VCR, it offers everything the user needs to trouble-shoot 1-1/2″ through 12″ lines — including on-screen distance counter, picture inverter, titler, voice over, and date and time stamp.

General also offer innovative, productivity-enhancing items like the Kinetic Water Ram that clears a clogged line instantly with a burst of compressed air.

General serves drain cleaning professionals and plumbing contractors – as well as facilities managers in plants, buildings, schools, restaurants, and hotels. They also manufacture high quality drain cleaning tools for the hardware/home center market. And they offer the broadest warranty protection in the industry.