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PHOENIX Process Equipment Co. was established in Pompano Beach, Florida in 1984. A Department of Energy grant helped fund the development of the company’s initial technology, the separation of clean coal from coal refuse. The development of this process technology fostered the company’s development of its first commercially successful product, a high capacity dewatering filter (belt filter press) capable of efficiently dewatering fine particle slurries.

The success of this dewatering technology established the foundation that has led the company to become an international leader in the supply of liquid/solid separation and residuals dewatering technology.

With its initial customer base primarily bituminous coal producers, the company relocated its early operations to Louisville, Kentucky in 1986 to better service the industry.

From PHOENIX’s international headquarters in Louisville, the company quickly expanded its markets and technologies, being recognized in 1989 by Inc. Magazine as one of America’s 500 fastest growing private companies.

Through internal development and a series of strategic partnering relationships and joint ventures, PHOENIX has established a broad base of products and liquid/solid separation process technologies targeted at residuals and sludge dewatering and thickening, water clarification and filtration, and solids classification and separation.

PHOENIX serves many markets including coal preparation plants, sand and gravel processing, municipal wastewater, pulp & paper, and various industrial market segments.

PHOENIX equipment includes:

  • AS ATTRITION CELL Scrubbers to separate surface contaminants from sand
  • GS Gravel Separators to separate deleterious materials from gravel
  • HS HYDROSORT™ hydraulic classifiers for sand classification and/or deleterious material separation
  • HG Separators to mechanically separate and dewater residual fines
  • HiFlo™ and Altaflo™Thickeners for slurry thickening, volume reduction, and water clarification
  • WX Belt Filter Presses for slurry dewatering and water recovery
  • auto/CHEM™ dewatering chemicals and preparation systems for enhanced sedimentation and fines dewatering
  • auto/CHEM™ automation, instrumentation and controls for integrated process solutions
  • net/SMART™ Remote Monitoring Systems
  • In addition to offering its own proprietary equipment, PHOENIX is also the exclusive U.S. distributor for Diemme recessed chamber and membrane filter presses and piston-membrane pumps.

Other services offered by PHOENIX include: automation and controls, electrical systems design, facilities engineering, field support services, installation, operator training, replacement parts, start-up services, and turnkey systems.

The company sells its products and services through a worldwide network of sales representatives. For additional information, please visit our website at