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VARI-STEM Blasting / Stemming Plugs, manufactured by MOCAP Inc. (St. Louis, MO), are marketed to the explosives, mining, quarry, construction, demolition and tunneling industries, for use in both vertical and horizontal blasting applications. However, MOCAP also manufactures several custom molded components for a well-known and respected international explosives and blasting services company.

VARI-STEM Plugs were first introduced to the market in 1998. They come in eleven standard sizes to fit drill hole diameters ranging from 1-5/8″ (41mm) to 7″(178mm). Some smaller and larger prototype plug sizes also exist. VARI-STEM is a global product that every blaster should consider having in his or her “toolkit”. The plugs are being used in Australia, Canada, Chile, Ghana, Grenada, Ireland, Malaysia, Portugal, Puerto Rico, South Africa, USA and West Indies.

It should be noted that MOCAP does not simply manufacture VARI-STEM Plugs. MOCAP is a dip-molder, injection-molder and extruder of products made from vinyl, rubber and PETG. They can custom tool an application, as well as offer a wide range of standard products for use in product design, packaging, shipping, thread protection, masking, etc. MOCAP markets their products to hundreds of industries for thousands of applications from offices in England, Germany, the Netherlands, Italy, Mexico, France and the USA.

A quarry averaging 70, 6-1/2″ holes per blast,
produces 428 tons per hole or 30,000 tons per blast.
The cost of using 70 VARI-STEM Plugs?& Priceless at only $.0074 per ton.

GEAR-UP for Improved Blast Performance, Safety and Savings.

Use the plugs with the Patented GEAR Design.