INDUSTRY INSIDER | April 18, 2024

AltaFlo™ Ultra High-Rate Thickener

Original Source: PHOENIX Process Equipment

For 40 years PHOENIX Process Equipment has been providing custom system solutions and equipment for liquid/solid separation in aggregate, mining and other minerals production processing.

The PHOENIX AltaFlo™ Thickener is a rake-less thickener that provides ultra high-rate mixing, flocculation, and internal dilution followed by clarification and positive sludge collection and removal in a single tank. The Thickener’s unique internal geometry, a deep sidewall and steep conical bottom provides underflow concentration comparable to or better than a traditional raked thickener. Internal dilution helps optimize flocculation and a deep free settling zone and conical feed well achieves maximize flocculation. In addition, the AltaFlo™ Thickener uses sedimentation technology to maximize the recovery rate of clean, clarified overflow water that can be recycled and reused in the process.

AltaFlo™ slurry thickeners are available in several sizes, general or seismic design, with options including local control panel, bed level sensor and pressure transmitter.

For complete elimination of the slurry pond, a PHOENIX Belt Filter Press or Filter Press may be added downstream of the AltaFlo™ Thickener to dewater the thickened slurry.

Features & Benefits

  • Thickener design provides water clarification while thickening slurry from wash plants
  • High underflow solids for reduced or eliminated slurry pond storage area
  • Low installed cost for minimal capital investment
  • Internal dilution and settling zone provides optimum, efficient flocculation
  • Small footprint requires little space and provides lower installation cost
  • Deep sidewall & steep conical bottom provides consistently thick underflow
  • Rake-less design with no moving parts requires little to no mechanical maintenance

For more detailed information on the AltaFlo™ Ultra High-Rate Thickeners / Clarifiers or to discuss an on-site field demonstration please contact PHOENIX at 502-499-6198. You can also contact PHOENIX directly for complete systems tailored to your requirements including: Classification, Separation, Scrubbing, Effluent Treatment, Water Recovery, Fines and Tailings Dewatering & Disposal.