INDUSTRY INSIDER | April 18, 2024

Bobcat Announces Lineup of New Portable Power Products

Original Source: Bobcat

Bobcat Company, a global equipment, innovation and worksite solutions brand, has expanded its product portfolio with the introduction of forklifts; industrial air compressors; turf renovation equipment; and portable power products including air compressors, generators and light towers.

“Through our unwavering commitment to innovation and excellence, we have significantly broadened our product portfolio to not only meet the needs of our loyal customers but also to inspire and empower new customers to conquer their toughest job site challenges,” said Scott Park, CEO and vice chairman of Doosan Bobcat Inc. “With an expanded range of solutions, we’re empowering even more customers to accomplish more.”

Last year, Bobcat announced Doosan Industrial Vehicle, Doosan Portable Power, Doosan Industrial Air and RYAN turf renovation products would change to the Bobcat brand as part of the organization’s global brand strategy. All product lines have officially rebranded under Bobcat in North America with transitions on these product lines also happening globally in applicable markets.

Customers can now purchase these Bobcat branded products, which includes:
• Forklifts:
• Industrial air:
• Turf renovation equipment
• Portable power: Air compressors ranging from 185 to 1600 CFM, mobile generators ranging from 25 to 570 kVA and light towers with runtime up to 105 hours.

Looking further into the new line of Bobcat Portable Power, here are the details of the new lineup:

Air Compressors:
Ranging from 185 to 1600 CFM heavy-duty air power.
Backed by a century-long legacy of proven engineering and consistent innovation, Bobcat® portable air compressors give you reliability you can trust.

Engineered for simple serviceability with large doors and easily accessible components, Bobcat towable air compressors keep you up and running to maximize your productivity. Intuitive controls also make for easy operation with safety in mind.
Bobcat portable air compressors equipped with dual or variable pressure and flow options give you the ability to dial in the right output for multiple jobsite applications – all with a single unit. For jobs requiring cleaner, drier air, the optional IQ System delivers instrument-quality air for a wide array of specialized applications.

Mobile Generators
Ranging from 25 to 570 kVA Rugged & Reliable Mobile Power for Maximum Productivity
Built for easy serviceability, maneuverability, and versatility, our lineup of portable generators – from 25-570 kVA – effortlessly (and quietly) powers everything from hand tools to oil field pumps to outdoor events. Built-in safety measures and easy-to-read gauges make for safe and simple operation. Large, thoughtfully positioned access doors make for even easier jobsite servicing and routine maintenance.

When your profits depend on maximum uptime and productivity, depend on Bobcat® portable generators to keep the power on. Engineered to outperform in the toughest conditions, they will go wherever you need them to go to get the job done.
Engineered to meet or exceed EPA regulations, Bobcat portable generators offer industry-leading Tier 4 fuel efficiency and long runtimes, along with impressively quiet operation suitable for any application.

User-Friendly Interface
Easy-to-read analog gauges make it easy for you to monitor your generator’s performance with a quick glance. Intuitive controls with built-in safety measures protect both you and your machine.

Intelligent Load Management System
Exclusive to Bobcat, the ILMS option protects your generator’s engine and exhaust aftertreatment system during unfavorable low-load operating conditions by minimizing wet stacking, harmful sludge buildup and the need for costly repairs.

• Prime Output: 25 kVA (20 kW)
• Power Output @ 1800RPM (hp)
• Prime Output: 40 kVA (32 kW)
• Power Output @ 1800RPM (hp)
• 48.8 hp
• Prime Output: 50 kVA (40 kW)
• Power Output @ 1800RPM (hp)
• 62.2 hp
• Prime Output: 70 kVA (56 kW)
• Power Output @ 1800RPM (hp)
• 84 hp
• Prime Output: 100 kVA (80 kW)
• Power Output @ 1800RPM (hp)
• 129 hp
• Prime Output: 125 kVA (100 kW)
• Power Output @ 1800RPM (hp)
• 153 hp
• Prime Output: 154 kVA (123 kW)
• Power Output @ 1800RPM (hp)
• 186 hp
• Prime Output: 181 kVA (145 kW)
• Power Output @ 1800RPM (hp)
• 219 hp
• Prime Output: 236 kVA (189 kW)
• Power Output @ 1800RPM (hp)
• 282 hp
• Prime Output: 334 kVA (267 kW)
• Power Output @ 1800RPM (hp)
• 393 hp
• Prime Output: 402 kVA (321 kW)
• Power Output @ 1800RPM (hp)
• 475 hp
• Prime Output: 570 kVA (456 kW)
• Power Output @ 1800RPM (hp)
• 680 hp

Light towers with runtime up to 105 hours.
24-Hour Jobsite Productivity

Whether you’re responsible for providing light for special events, road construction, oil field operations, emergency and natural disaster response or any other operation, portable light towers from Bobcat illuminate your work for safe 24-hour productivity. Featuring a fuel-efficient Kubota engine paired with a high-output 6 kW or 8 kW alternator, Bobcat light towers provide light and power concurrently with a class-leading runtime of 105 hours.

You can program them to turn on at dusk and turn off at dawn for uninterrupted productivity. The mast rotates a full 360 degrees and extends up to 23 feet high for broad coverage, while each individual light can be pointed independently. Bobcat light towers are compact and light enough to be maneuvered on a jobsite.

The innovative clamshell-style canopy lifts easily for quick access to all service points and the reliable Kubota engine has one of the longest maintenance intervals on the market, reducing your downtime and maintenance costs.

• Runtime with 4 LED Lights
• 210 h
• Prime Power Rating
• 6 kW

• Runtime with 4 LED Lights
• 180 h
• Prime Power Rating
• 8 kW

Small Body and Adjustable Lamps
With a compact design, Bobcat portable light towers can be easily maneuvered around the jobsite by hand. With the mast fully extended and each lamp capable of being angled independently, you can fully illuminate your job for safe working conditions.

Provides Light and Power Concurrently
Bobcat portable light towers are powered by a reliable Kubota engine that is paired with your choice of a high-output 6 kW or 8 kW alternator, giving you both light and power at the same time, reducing the need for multiple machines to get the job done.

Extended Runtime with LED Lamps
LED lamps extend machine run-time, are maintenance-free and rated for a 50,000-hour life. Providing maximum productivity with minimum interruptions.

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