INDUSTRY INSIDER | July 11, 2024

UK Minerals Yearbook 2023 Now Available to Download

Original Source: Minerals UK

Latest edition provides essential information about production, consumption and trade of UK minerals up to 2022

PUBLISHED annually by the British Geological Survey (BGS), the ‘UK Minerals Yearbook’ provides comprehensive statistical data on minerals production, consumption, and trade, and is of value to all those interested in Britain’s minerals industry and its contribution to the national economy.

Mineral production in the UK is back at around pre-COVID-19 levels, but there was a decline in mineral production in 2022 due to a decline in demand from the construction sector.

In the UK, 185.9 million tonnes of minerals were extracted from the landmass for sale in 2022. These can be broken down into the following main categories, with percentages of total production in brackets:

  • 126.4 million tonnes of crushed rock, for both construction and industrial uses (68%)
  • 40.3 million tonnes of sand and gravel (21.7%)
  • 6.6 million tonnes of other construction minerals (3.5%)
  • 10.3 million tonnes industrial minerals, other than those within crushed rock (5.5%)
  • 0.7 million tonnes of coal (0.4%)
  • 1.5 million tonnes of oil and gas (0.8%).

A further 91.3 million tonnes, mostly oil and gas (oil equivalent) but also marine-dredged sand and gravel, were extracted from the UK continental shelf.

The UK Minerals Yearbook 2023 is available to view and download from the Minerals UK website.